Sept. 2- No Connexus (Labor Day Weekend)
Sept. 9- Series: The Greatest Show (Identity)
Sept. 16-Series: The Greatest Show
Sept. 23- The Greatest Showman MOVIE NIGHT - Family Building (Free Pizza and Popcorn Bar)
Sept. 30-Series: Iā€™m Not Okay. (Mental Health- Self Harm, Depression, Suicide led by Matt Barnhill- Christian Counselor)
Oct. 7-  Series: Boss (Authority)
Oct. 14- Series: Boss
Oct. 21- Series: Boss
Oct. 26- ZOMBIE NIGHT 7-10pm Duhacsek Park
Oct. 28- Series: Jesus Loves
Nov. 4- Series: Jesus Loves
Nov. 11- Series: Jesus Loves
Nov. 18-Series: Jesus Loves (Friends-Giving Dinner)
Nov. 25- No Connexus (Thanksgiving Break)
Dec. 2- Series: This Christmas
Dec. 9- Series: This Christmas
Dec. 16- Series: This Christmas (Nacho Regular Christmas Party)
Dec. 23- No Connexus
Dec. 30- No Connexus